Hello! My name is Torik and I am a ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow based in Cardiff University’s School of Geography and Planning. My research is about the constitution of ‘urban’ energy demand and what this means for attempts to meet net zero by 2050. As the quotation marks around ‘urban’ suggest, I am interested in the idea of urban demand and questioning the extent to which energy consumption and supply connect with cities and their change over time. I approach these issues as a sociologist with a keen interest in consumption, energy transitions and spatial theory. The aims of my work include contributing to discussions about how energy demands are made and met at different scales, and articulating what such issues mean for attempts to meet key climate change targets.

Beyond my own research, I enjoy collaborating with others and I am currently working (in my spare time) on a project about what COVID-19 lockdowns mean for the constitution of ‘domestic’ energy demand. I also enjoy teaching social theory and research methods.

On this site, you will find links to my blog, where I occasionally post shorter pieces of thought. You will also find more information about my research and a page that provides detail about published writing, as well as the conferences and workshops I have attended and organised.

If you are interested in my work or share interests you would like to discuss, feel free to get in contact: